Does she next get every legal rights of a British citizen? British passport?

Does she next get every legal rights of a British citizen? British passport?

NI numbers? Directly to choose? NHS therapy? Does the lady marriage in in any event affect this lady standing in Japan? Whenever we spoke about this she asserted that when you get hitched in Japan your name’s removed some sort of register of familes or somthing and set onto the lady husband’s. you know what, possibly i ought to aks the lady to clear up that before asking men.

Anyhow, cheers once more to anybody who can deal with any kind of this and all the best as ever to everyone otherwise within endeavor.

Richard, I think would certainly be well-advised to go to this UKVisas webpage right after which obtain the VAF2 form plus the INF4 recommendations Notes.

Much of your questions include answered when it comes to those paperwork and not soleley that, you should have a more effective idea of the procedure.

That application can be produced in britain. You are able to implement face-to-face at a PEO . software costs = ?500 . provided that every necessary evidence taken to you its a same-day, while-you-wait, procedure. Or alternatively the application can be produced by article . cost ?335 . plus it usually takes say four weeks.

Get interviewed? Not really, if applying by post, not at all, in going in person to a Public Enquiry Office then you hand over the supporting evidence. There might be a couple of quick questions about that evidence but interview is really not the right expression to use.

Obtaining fiancee charge in Japan may incorporate a job interview.

Also to enhance what John states, after two years on a wife charge she qualifies for long put to stay (ILR), which is the main kind long lasting resident standing in the united kingdom.

As a Japanese citizen she risks dropping the girl citizenship if she turns out to be naturalised British. Continue reading